Adjustments to U-FLI Tournament Fees

We would like to inform you of upcoming changes to our fee structure, effective March 1, 2024. While it is with regret that we announce an increase in fees, please be aware that U-FLI has maintained a consistent fee structure since its inception.

    The adjustments are as follows:

  • The minimum fee per weekend will be increased to $450.
  • Cancellation of tournaments after the DTS ships will incur a fee of $450.

These changes are necessary due to the rising costs associated with shipping and the use of lights, which have experienced a significant increase.

    In consideration of potential impacts on hosting and club entry pricing, the following tournament fees will see a modest increase of $5, effective January 1, 2025:

  • Standard and Variety (1-day events): $25
  • Standard and Variety (2-day events): $35
  • Pairs: $15
  • Singles: $10
  • Pre-Flight Singles: $10

We would like to emphasize that participant registration remains free, and there will be no changes to club and dog registration costs.

Additionally, we want to assure you that changes to the rule book are currently underway and will be completed as soon as possible. We understand that these adjustments may raise questions, and we encourage you to reach out to with any inquiries. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as these modifications are essential to offset the increased costs of our operations.

Thank you for your continued support.