U-FLI was formed in 2004 with the goal of introducing innovation to the sport of flyball. The founding group shared many years of experience, individual talents, and motivation, as they developed and implemented their ideas.

    Over the years U-FLI is proud to say they have accomplished introducing many new concepts to
    the sport, including::

  • Creating a patented, stress-free and accurate measuring system
  • Establishing the first Annual Flyball Championship
  • Introduction of new classes for the sport including Pairs, Singles, and Preflight
  • Creating Pickup Teams, where dogs can compete with any club, any time, without penalty
  • Implementing a Junior Handler program, which gives recognition and encouragement to our youth participants
  • Promoting flyball as an overall family sport
  • Promoting youth participation with our Junior Handler Award program
  • Special awards that include the annual Top 10 and Best of Breed
  • Affinity awards program for recognition of participation in all leagues worldwide
  • Introduction of new guidelines for equipment, including; lowering jump heights to 6” minimum, larger box sizes and wider jump widths

The U-FLI team is continuously developing new programs, classes and events to preserve the traditional sport of flyball while creating additional opportunities to meet the diverse interests of our participants.

Program Highlights

Measuring Method: U-FLI recognizes that dogs come in all different conformations, so U-FLI developed a patented measuring system based on the length of the long bone of the dog’s front leg. This measuring method provides stress-free, accurate, consistent measurements.

Championship Tournament: U-FLI hosts the annual Tournament of Championships event. Our event recognizes champions in Pairs, Singles, Clubs in all time divisions. We also hold a regular tournament in conjunction with this event that provides clubs to enter standard teams or pickup teams.

Types of Teams:

  • Regular – Consists of four to six dogs and handlers from the same club. Regular teams are eligible to participate and place in all U-FLI classes as well as participate in U-FLI Championship events.
  • Pickup Team – U-FLI created the Pickup Team, which consists of any four to six dogs and handlers, regardless of club affiliation. All dogs on pickup teams receive points toward U-FLI titles, dogs may participate on pickup teams without affecting their club affiliation.
  • Exhibition – This classification enables a team to replace a dog on the racing roster during a tournament so that they can continue to race. This allows teams that would have otherwise been unable to finish the tournament continue to race. At the time a team declares themselves exhibition, they may no longer advance in the tournament standings but all racing dogs will still earn U-FLI points!

Classes of Racing:

  • Standard – A team consisting of four to six dogs, any breed, mix or size. Points are awarded toward U-FLI titles.
  • Variety – A team consisting of four to six dogs only one of each breed can run at a time. Points are awarded toward U-FLI titles.
  • Singles – A team of one dog and one handler, racing against the clock. A singles racing pin is awarded after participation in 10 singles events on different weekends.
  • Pairs – A team of two dogs and two handlers, racing against the clock. A pairs racing pin is awarded after participation in 10 pairs of events on different weekends.

Junior Handler Program: U-FLI is proud to support and encourage flyball as a family sport. As such, special recognition is given to Junior Handlers. U-FLI awards certificates, pins and plaques for advancing levels of participation.

Scoring/Points: Points toward flyball titles are awarded for each heat in which a dog races. And to encourage the competitive spirit of flyball, 5 bonus points are awarded to the winning dogs in each heat.

Titles/Awards: To recognize the efforts of dogs and handlers, U-FLI rewards many levels of achievement. Based on points earned during racing, pins and plaques are awarded.

Top 10 and Best of Breed: U-FLI annually awards certificates for the Top 10 Standard, Variety, Pairs and Singles Teams. In addition, certificates are awarded for the Fastest of each breed who participated in singles racing.

Affinity Award Program: Combine all points earned from any Flyball Sanctioning Organization Worldwide, with your U-FLI points and earn exciting new titles!

Jumps: U-FLI believes that flyball is a sport for all dogs, big and small and has adopted jump heights to accommodate all sizes and shapes of dogs. The jumps are set at a minimum of 6″ and a maximum of 12″. By keeping jump heights low we can anticipate that our pets will be able to participate in flyball well into their senior years. Also in an effort to keep your dogs safe, U-FLI uses 30” jump widths for all events.