Combine All Points Earned From Any Flyball Sanctioning Organization Worldwide With Your U-FLI Points to Earn Exciting New Titles!

Our program recognizes Flyball Dogs around the world for their talent, by combining all points earned anytime your dog runs in a sanctioned flyball event.

To participate, simply meet the requirements of the program which is outlined below.

Qualifications for Titles

  • Including your U-FLI points, earn a minimum of 20,000 combined points from any flyball sanctioning organization worldwide, to be a recipient of the Affinity Award System
    • For example – your dog has 48,855 points in BFA (British Flyball Association) and 2,430 points in U-FLI for a total of 51,285 you would qualify for the Affinity Star award
  • Register as a member of the Affinity Award System by completing the registration form
    • Registration is just a one-time introductory fee of $25.00 for each registered participant (not per dog)
  • Submit your completed Affinity Award Form, summarizing all sanctioned flyball organization earned points to
  • Run in a minimum of 2 U-FLI tournaments, over 2 separate weekends, over the course of 1 year
  • Titles will be issued quarterly each year
  • Please note that our current U-FLI award and title system will remain the same and is in no way affected by the Affinity Award System
Points Program Title
20,000 Affinity Launch
35,000 Affinity Orbit
50,000 Affinity Star
75,000 Affinity Comet
100,000 Affinity Eclipse
150,000 Affinity Galaxy
200,000 Super Nova
250,000 Affinity Quasar
300,000 Affinity Mega Star

Awards will be issued quarterly

Certificates will be issued and mailed at no charge to the participant

Optional pins for each title may be ordered separately and paid for by the participant at $5.00 each per title

Optional plaques for each level may be ordered separately and paid for by the participant

Plaque cost: $50.00 each, per title, includes priority mail shipping

Additional shipping charges may apply for items shipped outside of the USA

Program FAQ’s

Q: If I belong to another flyball organization, do I have to have a U-FLI participant number?
A: Yes

Q: How do I get a U-FLI participant number?
A: Visit the Add New Participant page to register

Q: How much does it cost for a U-FLI participant number?
A: It is FREE!

Q: What if I already have a U-FLI participant number and do not play flyball in other organizations?
A: You are eligible to apply for this title as long as your dog has earned enough points.

Q: How much does it cost to get one affinity award or how about 3 awards?
A: It is a ONE TIME FEE of $25 per participant to include all of your dogs.

Q: If I have 300,000 points, can I apply for all of the titles?
A: Yes, you will receive a FREE certificate for each title you are eligible to apply for per dog.

Q: If I want a plaque and a pin, how much will it cost?
A: There is an added fee per pin of $5.00 and per plaque of $50.00 per title.

Q: If I have 150,000 points, can I get one title now and apply for past ones at a later date?
A: Yes, you can apply for new titles at any time.

Q: Do I still get my U-FLI plaques and awards if I apply for the Affinity titles?
A: Yes and will always continue to get those U-FLI plaques and awards as long as you continue to enjoy playing flyball with us!

Have additional questions? Email us at