Announcing the 2023 TOC Singles and Pairs Divisions

You thought the championship divisions were close? Well, brace yourselves as we unveil the 2023 Tournament of Champions singles and pairs divisions. These singles and pairs teams promise to deliver heart-stopping, jaw-dropping racing like never before!

Stay tuned for more updates, including the official schedule, format and additional tournament details.


Blue Past You Hookfang 3.50 n/a
OneVision Monster 3.50  
Hyper Flight Dibs 3.55  
Top Dog Racers Spur 3.59  
Glacier Shakers Storm 3.60 3.45
Muscle Memory Aphmau 3.60  
Pawbusters Merchant 3.60  
Rude Dogs Slingshot 3.60  
Synergetic Surge Silver 3.60  
Glacier Shakers PIVOT! 3.70 3.55
OneVision Griffin 3.70  
Perro Loco Talon 3.70  
Synergetic Surge Loony 3.70  
Hyper Flight Celly 3.75  
Speed Racers Hela 3.79 3.64
Rude Dogs Enigma 3.80  
Speed Racers Helo 3.83  
No Club Affiliation Bug 3.84  
Be Right Back Zorii 3.88  
Kinetic Enzo 3.95 3.80
Be Right Back Fling 4.00  
Flighting For Freedom Accel 4.00  
Flighting For Freedom Haze 4.00  
Hair of the Dog Tazer 4.00  
Hair of the Dog Zing 4.15 4.00
Muscle Memory Grudge 4.20  
Perro Loco Lycan 4.20  
Pawbusters Friday 4.25  
Hair of the Dog Forest 4.30  
Hyper Flight Keys 4.35  
Fetch It Helix 4.50 4.35
Jumping Jax Aspen 4.50  
Mission Uproar Rebel 4.50  
Shenanigans Unleashed Loki 4.50  
No Big Woof Happy 4.60  
Bordering on Insanity Tilly 4.75 4.60
Glacier Shakers Hobey 4.80  
Smokin Guns Working Dog Club Traitor 4.80  
Fetch It Buddha 5.00  
Smokin Guns Working Dog Club Syryn 5.30 5.15
Shenanigans Unleashed Riky 5.50  
No Big Woof Basil 5.70  
Full Speed Ahead Mimic 6.00  
Muscle Memory Aya 6.10  


BreakThrough Golden Girls Charm/Trauma 7.40 n/a
Diamonds in the Ruff Smugglers Axl/Kirby 7.58  
Hyper Flight Ru/Roo Rumour/Rooster 7.65  
Pawbusters Wager/Hustle 8.25  
Fighting for Freedom Flyball Fun Furballs Diego/Klepto 8.30 8.15
Might Mutts Bokah/Dazy 8.50  
OneVision Root Beer Float Nela/Remix 8.80  
Fetch It Beauty and the Beast Furion/Opossum 10.00