• Nov 9 2018 Tournament of Champions, Grey Summit, MO
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Elite Science Vet 2016 Platinum Sponsor

Saturday, August 20, 2016

For the 2nd year in a row, 1-TDC is the Platinum Sponsor of our Championship!� Elite Science Vet produces 1-TDC, which is an affordable, natural health product for you and your pet.� Many people in the flyball community are already experiencing great results when using 1-TDC for their canine athletes!

Elite Science Vet has generously created a special opportunity for U-FLI competitors to try their 1-TDC for dog and cats. ��Simply click here to follow the link to the special offers on 1-TDC, and be sure to use the U-FLI Discount Codes for your purchases.

Thank You, Elite Science Vet, for your support!

Click here to learn more about Elite Science Vet!

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